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Welcome To The Gallery Of Pet Portraits.

Here are some samples of our furry or feathered family members. Either the ones we own and the ones we are owned by. Our pets in many occasions are our children and are treated with the same love and care (many times with more care) than our regular children. They may be the only children in the house, and have many quirks, just like humans.

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Make our lives richer and are a healthy addition to a home. They bring an unconditional love to the household, and are fun to watch, (or take a nap with) Pets are the first to greet you and the last to leave you. If your pet is a dog, then they are your first alert when someone or something is outside your home. If you belong to a cat/s then your home can be an adventure where your furry friends allow you the use of what you think of as your furniture. ?

All in all shouldn’t they be proudly displayed on your walls? Maybe on cards or Key chains (with flashlight)

Lets talk about your pets and what kind of portraits I can do for you. The studio is located in the middle of Gainesville on 5 1/4 acres with an indoor and outdoor studio in one location. Click here to contact me

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