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Welcome to the Boudoir Portrait Page 

Boudoir or Glamour photography has been around for quite a few years. It is not just of women but available for men as well. To look glamorous, sexy, attractive to have the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, by a combination of charm and good looks Originally made famous in the fifties as form of photography for the film industry, Bogie and Mae West are a couple you would remember.

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Glamour and boudoir are two types of terms used interchangeably for suggestive or photography that presents you in your best light. Generally in sexy clothes or underwear to create the truly glamourous you. I personally liken boudoir to storytelling as the foundation. Clothing or lingerie, soft diffused lighting, suggestive poses and expressions to enhance the story. People bring their own clothing and general props to the session.

When asked what to bring to a session, I suggest something that has special meaning to the recipient. Many times women in particular have special portraits taken at a life event such as turning thirty or fourty. Some women have the portraits done when they retire from work and are still in relatively good shape.

Most women have always, even in secret wanted to be portrayed as glamorous, maybe something a little naughty. The term naughty ranges from they think it is vain all the way through frisky clothing.

There are men who have dudoir, or glamourous portrait done. In many cases they have lost a great deal of weight, and want it as a special surprise for their significant other. Body builders also like this type of photography.

I invite anyone who is considering have a Glamour session or a boudoir, to set up a time and come to the studio to chat about it. I have been doing this type of photography for over 30 years so I can help with suggestions of what you might want to wear from what you tell me you would like the finished images to look like Plan to bring a female friend with you to the actual session to help give you moral support and to help fluff you.

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