Every one has a story to tell, let Mike Shea Photography tell yours. Here are some reasons You will hear over and over my Catch phrase “Look Younger, Thinner, Happier with Mike Shea Photography” At the moment this simply means I help people with their wardrobe decisions “Thinner less distracting in an image) Happier (we have a conversation we laugh, you relax so you look your best) Younger (this one is generally with your makeup and with soft lighting enhanced with software, or you can have us bring in a professional make up artist to achieve similar results) Many people out there have great cameras and like to take pictures, many of them never get the images to a print on a wall where they can enjoy them. The art of portraiture with great lighting, great expressions and superior composition are still available and make lasting gifts to those you care about. Call me today to set up a time to come in and chat, visit some of the unique sets  both inside the studio and out. No cost no obligation, if nothing else a walk in my gardens will refresh your day. It will also give you a new look at what is available. 352-317-4484. Some special sets   If you want me to call you just   click here  Thank you for your time, Mike Shea


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