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HeadShots Gainesville Fl

Why Have Professional HeadShots from Mike Shea Photography?

The Short answer!

The statement I hear the most, from clients Is (I have never had so natural a headshot before, I love it)

So what’s the Mike Shea Photography secret to natural, relaxed headshot’s?

What I call conversational portraiture, two old friends having a conversation. Sharing stories while being photographed, it is a sure way for people to look their best.

The questions I am asked on many occasions, is why have  professional headshots? Why can’t a friend of mine take the headshots, he/she has a great camera? Why do headshots appear to cost so much money, I only need one?

Professional HeadShots, A Must for anyone in a professional setting

Let’s take them in order; In studies it is shown that a profile with a great headshot; will be more likely clicked on 40 times more than one without.  Take a moment and think about the invitations you receive from LinkedIn or Facebook. Now how often do you reject an invitation because their is no profile picture. So many times we meet people at networking functions and you just don’t understand their name. Maybe it’s the noise (definitely in my case) The person may not have a business card on them, but you would love to connect with them online. So you don’t recognize the name on the invitation so you decline. Outcome, a lost opportunity.

Why Can’t My Friend Take My Headshots

So why you ask can’t my friend take my headshot? They  have a great camera, so what’s the difference? The difference is that the Professional makes a living by understanding what a Professional Headshots need to look like, lighting, expression clothing suggestions, make up and post production. The list goes on but you get the idea. Let’s not forget selfies, no, no and definitely no.  Would you hire a Doctor, Lawyer or Accountant with a profile picture that is a selfie, in their car, in front of a bathroom mirror? Professional headshots by experienced professional photographers, have a different feel about them. Not to mention that the Professional has more to gain by you looking your best. Not to forget experience in helping you relax in front of the camera, so you look professional, confident and trustworthy.

 Do You Think Professional Headshots Appear to Cost too Much Money?

Producing high quality photographs is a rare talent. Professional photographers are detail oriented and

understand the nuances of the art. Constantly investing into education is a requirement.

To keep up with the technology and rapidly developing industry, it is important to keep honing photography

skills so that no selfie or a friend with a camera could ever compare with a professionally taken picture.

Professional Headshots by an experienced photographer is the most cost effective investment you can make.

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