Commercial Photography Gainesville Florida

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Commercial Photography Gainesville Florida

What is Commercial photography?

Commercial Photography Gainesville Florida  and the surrounding area.

Commercial photography is described as any type of photography used with the express outcome being sales. If you are the person to know in your company and you are responsible for sales, then your head shot is counted as  commercial photography. People buy from people that they know and trust. With the mass of information on the web, your client has a pretty good Idea if your images were produced by a professional and not by someone with a phone.

At Mike Shea Photography specializes in  Professional Head Shots, interiors, exteriors, inside and out of kitchen cabinets for designers and realtors, images that would be used for web and brochures. I started out in 1981 doing photography for the local home builders. Over the years the projects have became more interesting and the tools have improved greatly. On a regular bases I help local and non local organizations with their head shots and other commercial photography. The away clients that have projects locally find me through the  web. You will even find a large architectural element, a  Hamburger in the samples .

Why hire a seasoned Commercial Photographer?

As in any business,wisdom and knowledge comes from practice. It is a time consuming learning experience, with many pains as well as triumphs. Professional photography is an art form as well as technical, the solution to a client’s challenges.

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Commercial Photography