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Head shot Portrait of a Man

Head Shot of a man

This is a new head shot portrait for this actor. I feel privileged to have know this young man since he was an early teenager (maybe longer). He had made a career transition and needed great pictures for promotion. Many people find themselves in the same position over the lifetime of their work. When changes, lets call them “life events”, occur then you  need to update your profile. One of the most important updates is the profile picture. Updated professional picture/portraits give viewers an accurate view of who you really look like. The thing to avoid is a picture that no longer looks like you and when met in person diminishes your credibility. Reports show that images are more important than copy in a profile. This is not to say that copy is unimportant, just the picture caries more evidence of professionalism quickly.

if you would like to see more samples of this kind of work click on the link to carry you to the head shot page

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