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Commercial Property2

Commercial Photography Hamburger
commercial property photography
Foam Hamburger On Building

 Commercial property 2:

Commercial property 2, the client, Peachtree City Foamcraft.  The nation’s largest wholesale manufacturer of foam trade show displays, dimensional and 3D Foam Props in addition.  Created the Hamburger you see on the side of the building.
They liked samples on my website and called to inquire about possibly working together on a project (the Hamburger).

Hamburger Image the Process:

I decided first thing in the morning would offer the best light. The texture and the colors of the Hamburger should look their best, in that type of light. The client had seen the proofs of the job when we later talked. He stated that he wondered what the image would look like if it had been photographed at night. I needed to be on that side of town that evening and took equipment with me and found an even better image.

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