How do you get Younger Thinner Happier?

Let’s break it down

     Younger – This one is by using soft light and talking to the client about make up, and retouching using software  or in situations where the client has the budget we bring in a professional makeup artist

Thinner – is an easy one within reason, cloths, lighting, camera angle, pose, and lens choice make a large difference in how thin you look and if the space you have to do photography is too small from camera to client you can thin a little bit using software.  Generally thinning is done by artistic means; of course a professional make-up artist can make a big difference.

Happier– this one is simply by taking a few minutes to build a relationship with you the client, who are you? What is important to you? Do you have children, a cat, a dog and then going into the camera room and through what I call “Conversational Portraiture” I carry you through thoughts that make you happy and at the fraction of a second when you look that way capture the image.

So in closing there are major items that through experience make a photographer the artist he or she is. Lots of psychology before during and after makes the image work. Composition plays into the overall because of the placement of the elements that make the image pleasing. But that is another story; this was about Younger Thinner Happier. If you have questions that I can answer or if you would like to visit the studio give me a

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