With all of the digital and social media, a Professional Head shot has become the new handshake. In the case with the handshake you make judgement s that determine whether you  work with the person or not. In many cases you meet a lot of people at networking events and they may remember your name and what you do and want to know more. So they go to the web or to a social media and type in the name , their are several with the same name as you and yours does not have a good image of you, or one at all. This is an opportunity that either makes you money or gets you forgotten.   Now lets look at  what might make the difference. You  should have an up to date professional image on your media, whether it is a business card or your social media. Photographs should be updated at least every 2 years unless you make a major change to your looks. The image should be well lit and a good representation of who you are and what you do.  Many times it is the  subtle difference that turns the tide and makes the phone ring.   Thank you for your interest in this article and if you have further question call or e-mail me.  Mike Shea

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What does a professional press release/business profile picture cost? 

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