Head Shots,   Press Release  Executive Portrait in the Gainesville, Fl and surrounding area. There are several things to consider with head shots, a great one says HIRE ME,  What makes a Mike She a Photography Head shot such a value? Experience, a true desire to make you the most professional, friendly  portrait available. See the images to choose from immediately after the session and redo it at that time if it’s not wonderful.    What does a basic headshot cost $150.00 and what do I get for that? You get a guaranteed file that you like and approve with general retouching while you Waite. One version in large jpg for printing and a second file of same image 96 ppi for social media.  What if I want an extra file what do they cost? If of headshot image already taken and purchased at same time they are $50.00 each.  Do I get all of the other files for my use? I only send out finished work that meets my standards and makes the client look there best. Do I need and appointment? Yes! Thank you for your time.
Mike Shea  

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